The PASS Performance Virtual chapter is getting a reboot. We all know that responsibilities and schedules change, and that meant this chapter needed some additional hands on deck. Erin Stellato (Blog|Twitter) valiantly volunteered to take the helm and she put out an SOS for volunteers.  The response was great with some wonderful people volunteering to help.  I won’t rehash everything, but you can read her post on it HERE.  This team has already made some great accomplishments.

I volunteered to help out and I will give you fair warning that the word she uses in her post for my area of responsibility is in the loosest meaning of the word.  The short and more accurate term would just be marketing.  I’m very excited to be involved with this team and see what we can accomplish.  We have some awesome things planned that are a little outside of the box, so make sure you follow us closely.

Our first meeting for the year will be this Thursday January 26th, 4EST.  Jason Strate (Blog|Twitter) will be presenting on “Discovering the Plan Cache”.  Make sure to visit our site to check out the details.  The site has a handy calendar icon to automatically add a reminder to your calendar.

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