Have you ever heard of IFTTT?  It stands for “If This Then That”.  I’ve been signed up for the service for quite some time, but I just now got around to really playing with it.  So what does it do?  It does exactly as the name implies.  It is a service designed to perform certain actions based on certain triggers.  For instance my first test was to put any Tweet that I favorite into a particular notebook in Evernote.  Yeah that’s awesome!  What I really want to use it for is notifying all of my social media outlets of new blogs posts.

I used to have a plugin in WordPress that would do this for me via Ping.FM, but thanks to Ping.FM none of those have worked for quite some time now.  Seesmic bought Ping.FM and completely redesigned it, but alas that was not something they fixed.  I’m glad to say that IFTTT works for me.  It’s not instant as it only checks for triggers every 15 minutes, but that’s fine by me.  This blog post automatically got sent to my Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

My next step is to get it to handle advertising user group meetings automatically as well, based off of the web site RSS feed.  Yeah buddy!