I’m officially on the slate and running for the PASS 2014 Nomination Committee!

Why should you vote for Ryan?

I love the PASS SQL Community and everything it embodies.  I am very involved at the local and regional level.  I know all of the current board members and most of the past board members and those relationships have given me a good view into the PASS organization.  I served on the 2013 NomCom last year so I’m already intimately familiar with the processes.

Why am I qualified?

I have been involved with the community for the past 10 years and I was on the 2013 NomCom last year.  I am in my second term and fourth year serving on the board of directors for the North Texas SQL Server User Group.  I am in my second year as President of the Performance Virtual Chapter and served on the board the year prior.   I have been a regional mentor for the South Central Region for 3 years.  I was on the local core organizing committee for SQLRally Dallas as well as all 5 Dallas SQLSaturdays.   In addition, I have spoken at many SQLSaturdays, SQLRally, SQLCruise, PASS Summit, 24HOP, Dev Connections, local and remote user groups, and virtual chapters.  In the past I have been a session moderator for 24HOP and served on the Summit Program Committee.

Why do I want to serve on the 2014 committee?

I believe the NomCom should have a stronger influence than it does today.  This year’s NomCom will have an extended time frame with the ability to review elections processes.  I served last year and those processes are fresh on my mind.  I believe that they need some changes and my prior experience gives me a perspective on what changes are needed and the overall impact on the PASS organization.  I’m excited to have the opportunity to review those processes for any possible improvements.

PASS is an amazing organization that has provided myself and others with both personal and professional opportunities.  Having a part in vetting the future leaders of an organization that provides so many opportunities for so many people would be a tremendous honor.

How do you vote?

There are only 3 spots on the committee and I would very much appreciate your vote to fill one of those spots.  If you were a PASS member by June 1st, 2014 with a COMPLETELY filled out profile then check your email for a link to your ballot.  Feel free to post any questions here and I will be more than happy to answer them.  You can also visit the PASS Elections Site to stay current with updates on this year’s elections or keep an eye on the #passvotes Twitter hashtag.

Voters can cast 3 votes total (1 for each seat), but I want you to think about how many you actually vote for.  It is much more powerful to cast a vote for a single candidate than it is for all 3.  This applies to the board of directors election as well.  Of course I would love for that one vote to be for me!

How can you help?

I’m also going to ask you for a favor in addition to your vote.  I want you to either post here or email me (if you prefer privacy) the questions you would ask PASS board of director candidates during an interview.  The NomCom interviews and ranks each candidate.  The nomination committee’s job is make sure the PASS board gets a slate of qualified candidates.  In order for the committee to do that I want to know what matters to you, the member.  The members are PASS.  We want to make sure the candidates are thinking about what matters to you.