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I am running for a seat on the PASS Board of Directors!  Why am I running?  I know what it’s like to be a new DBA having to learn SQL Server from scratch with no access to help or training. PASS and the SQL Community provided me with those tools to be successful in my career and now I want to help others in their careers as well.

I have been involved in the organization for over 10 years so I know it very well.  I have volunteered in almost every capacity within the organization.  I’m ready to be involved at a higher level and I have the ground level experience and knowledge to push the organization forward.  Want to learn more about PASS or see if I really know about all the different pieces of the organization?  Then check out the video presentation I did for the Professional Development Virtual Chapter at the end of the post.

My Letters of Recommendation

Steve Jones – “His ability to devote volunteer hours to the community are both a credit to his character as well as a testament to his ability to find the time required.”

Allen Kinsel – “He is one of the few people I have known to successfully help PASS at all levels, locally, regionally, nationally and virtually.”

Steven Hamel – “I believe Mr. Adams to be a man of integrity, with strong moral values and a great deal of business understanding. This includes, but not limited to, Team Leadership, Project Management, Technical Competence and Strategic Vision.”

Denise McInerney – “This is illustrative of Ryan’s approach to volunteerism–he goes above and beyond in his contributions, and he generously helps others.”

Sri Sridharan – “He is willing to try new things and to take measured risks in order to make community events more effective and more engaging.”

My Community Endorsements

Erin Stellato – “He has in-depth knowledge about PASS and how it works, which he’s been accruing since he started helping out the North Texas User Group all those years ago. Ryan has the ability to take on projects and responsibilities, take action, and see them through the end. He gets thing done”

Denise McInerney – “I’ve been impressed not only by what Ryan does for PASS, but how he does it. […]  Ryan’s thoughtful approach to leadership and ability to see the big picture are qualities that will serve him well should he be elected to the board.”

Pinal Dave – “He is one guy who makes positive impacts on people’s life and I am very confident he will do the same as a PASS board of director.”

Tim Mitchell – “He’s relentless at follow-up, and in short, is a guy who gets things done. He has served the community with great passion and selflessness, and I believe he will make an excellent board member for the PASS organization.”

Mike Lawell – “I aspire to be as involved and impactful as Ryan has been to so many people.”

Niko Neugebauer – “I have absolutely admired his work as a Regional Mentor and I have connected him with a couple of people in other regions, in the hope that they would learn a couple of things from him.”

Brent Ozar – “I know you work your butt off, and I’m impressed with what you’ve accomplished. How many hours a week are you putting into the community, and what does that week look like?”

Mike Fal – ” I can tell you that there are very few people as driven and energetic about PASS as Ryan is. I’ve had several conversations with him and his passion is infectious.”

Rob Farley – […]”I know that he will work tirelessly for the PASS community – that word ‘tireless’ seems to describe Ryan more than anyone else I can think of in the community, and I am a little jealous of his energy levels.”

Carlos Bossy – “Ryan does as much for PASS as anyone I know, and his straightforward manner, relentless involvement, and common sense approach will make him a great director.”

Richard Douglas – “This knowledge of the community will enable him to effectively run a number of different portfolios as he already knows them well. What’s more because he has knowledge of more than one he can help drive decisions in his portfolio that would benefit other portfolios too.”

Andy Warren – “I’m definitely voting for Ryan Adams. He’s done all I could ask to prepare for the role and if elected I believe he’ll work his way through the learning curve and represent the membership well.”

John Sterrett – “The reason why I am voting for Ryan is because he has already done the work I would expect from a PASS Board of Director.”

Nancy Hidy Wilson – ” He set the standard for Regional Mentors by engaging on a regular basis with the South Central Region’s chapter leaders, learning about our struggles, ensuring we had the resources we need, and helping to us to find success in running our chapters.”

Mark Vaillancourt – “I was amazed at his organization and his passion for his chapters and for PASS. He made me want to be a better Regional Mentor myself.”

Carlos Chacon – “He is regarded as a thought leader among his peers and regularly helps other mentors with ideas to help their chapters. He has high marks from the chapters he serves and the praise is well deserved.”

My Election Publications

Grant Fritchey thinks I’m a good community speaker – “I strongly recommend you track down where Ryan is speaking next. He knows what he’s doing and is absolutely worth listening to.”

My Board Qualities – I show examples of some qualities I have that will benefit myself and the community if chosen as a board member.

PASS Election Changes – See candidate ratings and why they mean more this year.

PASS Election Questions Answered – I answer some questions about how I would handle things if elected to the board.

PASS Election Questions Answered 2 – I continue to answer questions about how I would handle things if elected to the board.

Lessons Learned – Lessons I learned along the campaign trail.

Thank You Community – I won a seat on the PASS board thanks your support!