In an effort to be transparent, as I promised I would in my campaign, I want to explain my actions regarding the email sent out through the PASS Virtual Chapter.  As part of my campaign, I reached out to my personal network and asked folks if they would be willing to send out a note on my behalf.  I asked chapter leaders and that included the leaders of the Performance Virtual chapter, of which I am President.  Some graciously chose to send an email on my behalf, and the Performance Virtual Chapter was one of them.  I did not send anything myself and I did not coerce anyone into doing it.  I verified the rules prior to making the request, but I didn’t think about the perception that it would send to the community.

I had no intention of ill will or being unfair since all candidates have the same right to ask community members and leaders for support.  I also had no intention of taking advantage of my position in leadership.  However, I see that it was wrong to send the request that I did.

I’ve come to see that leaders should strive to adhere to a standard higher than simply following the rules.  Leaders should avoid even the appearance of impropriety.  I failed at both those tasks.  I created a situation where people were concerned that I had abused my position as a VC leader.  The fact that I didn’t break any rules doesn’t matter, I am 100% responsible.

This has been a painful experience for me in many ways but it has also helped me to be a better leader. Moving forward my goal won’t simply be to follow the rules. My goal will be to always avoid a situation where anyone might ever accuse me of using a position of public trust to benefit myself.

I apologize to the community and my supporters for the harm this has caused.  Please be assured that I have learned from this.  I view myself as a man of integrity and I will continue to exemplify that in everything I do.

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