Today I am going to continue with my PASS Election Questions and Answers series.  Here is where you can find the rest of the series and my campaign landing page.

Question 1

If elected, what would prompt you to step down before the end of your term?


I always complete a commitment. That is something that was instilled in me by my parents and something I teach my children. The only reason I would ever step down would be an illness in my immediate family.

Question 2

Where do you stand on PASS BAC? Should we do it?


Yes this is something we should be doing…for now.  The market is changing constantly and trends are pointing businesses toward analyzing their data to get business insights. PASS needs to remain relevant in the current market place to support industry workers. A part of remaining relevant is to consistently evaluate current programs against the industry and look for opportunities to engage in new ways.

The PASS BAC Conference has been in the green which indicates that the interest and market exist.  As the business and data groups grow closer together it makes sense for PASS to serve this branch of our growing market.

Most DBAs don’t like this because they think it means PASS is moving away from SQL Server DBAs which is the core that PASS grew from.  I’m a DBA myself and I understand this sentiment and here is where the rubber meets the road.  I think it makes sense now for PASS to test this new market and extend itself that way.  I don’t think PASS should be moving toward BA and away from a DBA centric focus.  I also think that just because it makes sense now doesn’t mean it will always be that way.  Things should always be re-evaluated on a regular basis.  Does this meet business goals?  Is this inline with the mission of PASS to Connect…Share…Learn?  Right now I think it does.  Will it next year?  We need to re-evaluate it and make sure it is still the right thing to do.

You wouldn’t create a DR plan or have backups and never test them, right?

Question 3

What will you do if PASS BAC needs every portfolio owner to give up 25% of their budget?


This is tough without knowing specifics, but a request like that would need to be justified with an ROI and KPI on the benefits to PASS. Value needs to be shown before a decision can be made and a request like that would need some impressive margins.

Question 4

How will you grow PASS?


PASS is a grassroots organization and we can continue to grow PASS by nurturing the areas that touch PASS at those levels. I also think we can stimulate future growth by getting involved with our youth in the educational systems.