I ran across a bug in SSMS 2016 CTP 2 back in August.  If you try to right click and look at the properties of a 2014 availability group using the SSMS 2016 CTP you’ll get an error.  The bug had already been submitted by my friend Trayce Jordan, so I just added some comments on my specific version (13.0.400.91) where I saw the issue.  You can find that Connect Item Here, but you’ll notice that is has been closed and marked as fixed.

I’m not sure why it was marked as fixed, because the issue still exists in version 13.0.600.65 and 13.0.800.111 and there are no comments at all about the purported resolution.  Here is the error text and what it looks like.

Cannot read property BasicAvailabilityGroup. This property is not available on SQL Server 2014. (Microsoft.sqlserver.Smo)

AG Property Error

You’ll notice that it refers to something called a Basic Availability Group.  That’s a new feature being added in SQL Server 2016 which essentially mimics Mirroring.  Although the feature has been in the CTP and “Public”, it has been under NDA until the last several weeks.  I’ll be blogging about this next month after the holidays.

Back to the task at hand.  Since this issue was originally reported in CTP 2 (and closed as fixed without comments) I opened a new Connect Item on it today to report it still existing in CTP 3.  If you support availability groups then I suggest you take the time to go up vote it.