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I’m sure everyone remembers the movie The Matrix.  You probably also remember the scene where Morpheus asks Neo if he wants to take the red pill or the blue pill.  Almost 19 years ago I was Neo and I chose the red pill.  For me that pill was Verizon.  Back then it was WorldCom (We […]

Let me start off with a disclaimer that these thoughts on the January PASS board meeting are my own as I do not speak on behalf of PASS. I have been on the PASS Board of Directors for about 4 months now and we had our first in person board meeting in late January. You […]

I was just awarded as a Microsoft SQL Server MVP! I can’t believe Microsoft has chosen me for this award and to be included in such a prestigious program.  There are only a little over 70 SQL Server MVPs in the United States and a little over 350 world wide. For my readers who are […]

Things have been too quiet here on the blog, but there’s a reason (a few actually).  This year has been nuts for me, but it’s all good stuff!  We just moved, and moving a family is not fun.  It was a long process from selling the old house to searching and finding a new one. […]

In early February I received an email from LinkedIn that I have one of the top 1% most viewed profiles for 2012.  That’s really cool and I had no idea!  In fact, I couldn’t remember the last time I had updated it.  This prompted a serious, “Dude you better get out there and do some […]

Have you ever heard of IFTTT?  It stands for “If This Then That”.  I’ve been signed up for the service for quite some time, but I just now got around to really playing with it.  So what does it do?  It does exactly as the name implies.  It is a service designed to perform certain actions […]

My entry into the SQLSkills Master Immersion Event

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How Ryan Adams became a DBA and his involvement in the SQL community

You cannot mirror a database to two seperate servers, but there is an alternative.