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I will be speaking for the PASS DBA Virtual Chapter on February 22nd, 2012.  I will be delivering my presentation on Mirroring. If you have not checked out the virtual chapters that PASS has, then you need to Go Check Them Out.  These chapters are designed to fill the gap for areas of the country that […]

This month’s T-SQL Tuesday is hosted by Allen Kinsel (Blog|Twitter) and covers “disasters and recovery”.  My favorite DR solution is mirroring.  Mirroring is easy to setup and fast, if implemented properly.  It’s a database level solution that allows you to keep a remote copy of your database in sync with your principal database.  Everything is […]

Mirroring: The Bear Necessities slide deck and sample code

Ryan Adams will be doing two presentations on SQL Mirroring this week.

You cannot mirror a database to two seperate servers, but there is an alternative.

Here is how to automate copying your SQL logins to your DR server.