On this page you will find downloads of my presentations that have static material that can be provided.  This includes slide decks and code if applicable.  If you have attended any of my presentations that you don’t see below, then send me an email and I would be more than happy to help you out or provide more information.

Mirroring Start to Finish

Mirroring is not dead! If you don’t have Enterprise Edition, then this is still your tried and true solution.  We’ll cover what mirroring is from start to finish, how it can fit into an HA/DR plan, the rules surrounding its use, configuration via the GUI and T-SQL, as well as how to monitor mirroring. This presentation is designed to walk you through a basic implementation. At the end you will have learned what mirroring is, how it can fit into your environment, what business requirements it solves, and how to configure it.

Slide Deck

Code for Principal

Code for Mirror

Manage your shop with CMS and Policy Based Management

In this SQLRally #3 rated session I will talk about Central Management Server and how it can help you manage a disperse environment. I will also cover what Policy Based Management is and how you can leverage its power to better manage your environment. With PBM we’ll see what it can and cannot do to help you enforce standards in your enterprise. I will demonstrate PBM from creating and evaluating policies to receiving alerts on policy violations.

Slide Deck

SQL 2012 AlwaysOn Quickstart

In this presentation I’ll explain what the new SQL 2012 AlwaysOn high availability and disaster recovery solution is all about.  I’ll talk about the different levels of protection it provides through Windows Clustering, SQL Clustering, and Availability Groups.  We’ll discuss how these three things come together to protect your databases. We’ll finish with a dive into availability group configuration and the new capabilities it gives us.

 Slide Deck

How Active Directory Affects SQL Server

If you have ever had a Kerberos or SSPI context error, then you won’t want to miss this session.  SQL Server has a large surface area and Active Directory can influence a big part of it.  I will discuss AD DNS configuration, Group Policy Objects, Kerberos (of course), and how all of them affect your SQL Server.  By the end of the session you’ll have a check list of things to discuss with your domain administrator when you return to work.

Slide Deck

AlwaysOn Live Deployment

This session is 90% live demonstrations.  I’ll walk you through a complete AlwaysOn deployment.  You will see firsthand how to install and configure an AlwaysOn Failover Cluster.  I’ll also show you how to bring AlwaysOn Availability Groups into the picture.  I’ll finish up by showing how you can use a readable secondary for read-only routing.

Slide Deck and Code