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Discovery I ran across an issue where I had just configured database mail on a new server, went to send a test email, and I waited to receive it.  I waited…and waited…and waited, but still nothing.  I started to investigate and verified that database mail was indeed enabled, Service Broker was running, and the mail […]

Have you ever had an error when using a SQL Server Proxy Account?  I ran across a misleading error.  Let me qualify that a little.  It wasn’t misleading in the sense of it saying one thing and meaning another.  It was misleading because it’s one of those errors you see for multiple things and I […]

Do you get error 435 in the Application event log and your SQLAgent fails to start?  The reason you’re getting this error is that the SQLAgent error log and working directory file locations are not available. I recently ran into this after moving the user and system databases to a different SAN drive.  Even though you tell SQL […]