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In this video I talk about Trace Flag 1117 and how it was designed to help keep data file growth with multiple data files in TempDB consistent.  You’ll see how growth occurs if the files are disproportionate and also the effect it has on TempDB contention with SQL Server special pages (PFS, GAM, SGAM). For […]

I ran into an interesting issue while installing SQL 2012 SP1 in a failover cluster configuration and utilizing the local TempDB feature.  If you are unfamiliar with the new feature in SQL 2012 that allows you store TempDB on a local drive in a failover cluster you can read more here.  Here is a screen […]

This post has been sitting in the draft folder for way too long, March of last year to be precise.  So although this is no longer new information, it has not been talked about all that much.  I’m talking about the new feature in SQL Server 2012 that allows you to put TempDB on local […]

Note that TempDB is recreated every time SQL starts.  Why is this important?  It means we don’t have to move the physical file on the file system. First we need to know the name and file location of the TempDB database files.  When you change the location, make sure to keep the same name.  Technically we don’t […]